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Who We Are

For Love of Humans and Dogs

Pestrá, CSO., was founded by Mr. & Mrs. Prager and Míša Perčinová, our chief dog trainer, in 2009. They wanted to train assistance dogs for disabled people without the use of kennels and have believed that dogs trained and brought up in a natural home-like environment are best equipped to assist their future masters.

So far we have custom-trained 83 assistance dogs and we are taking care of more than 100 clients, individuals with various disabilities.

We engage in high-quality training without kennels aimed at children as well as adults with all kinds of disabilities. We train dogs for assistance, guiding, signalling, as well as for canistherapy. Our clients are children and adults with physical, hearing and sight disabilities or some combination of these. Our work doesn’t end once we’ve handed the dog to our client but continues in the shape of close cooperation with the client in order to maximize a successful working relationship between client and dog. The training process continues and the dog is closely monitored, as is the overall development of the client/dog relationship.

Every human being is unique as well as every dog. Precisely for that reason, we select and train a specific dog for a specific person according to their mutual needs and requirements. During the training, the dogs are kept in a natural home-like environment without the use of kennels. We never try to change the dogs’ character and always treat them with utmost respect.

High Quality and Gentle Training

We are the only organization in the Czech Republic providing a natural kennel-free training programme for assistance dogs internationally accredited by the widely-respected associations Assistance Dogs International and Assistance Dogs Europe. The accreditation process is long and demanding, it emphasises the dogs’ well-being both during training and after being handed over to the clients. The criteria for acquiring the accreditation are extremely strict and our dogs are very happy and fulfilled animals.